iOS Strong Password

From iOS 12, strong password can be recommended whenever a new user sign up to iOS application. It is a simple and straight forward approach to implement this feature in your iOS application.

Autofill Strong password

A strong password can be autofilled to your password textfield by specifying its contentType as .newPassword

passwordTxtField.contentType = .newPassword

This strong passwords are usually 20 characters long. It can contains more than 71 bits of entropy. By default, password generation rule includes lowercase, uppercase, digits, hypen

<!-- ![](./images/strong-password.png) -->

The password generation rules can be customized for your app. The rule can be created and validated from Password rules validation tool

A sample implementation of strong password autofill using custom password generation rule is as follows,

let passwordTxtField = UITextField()
let rulesDescriptor = "required: lower; required: upper; required: digit; required: [-,_]; minlength: 20; maxlength: 8;"
passwordTxtField.passwordRules = UITextInputPasswordRules(descriptor:rulesDescriptor)

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