Pattern Matching

Pattern Matching is a feature that allows us to match state/value/property to some pattern. In Swift, it is achieved by using case let keyword.

Pattern matching can be applied by using different types of structure, 1. Enums 2. Optionals 3. Tuples 4. Flow statements


Using enum let's show different states in showing favourite list of series. We can also filter by using where keyword.

enum State<Data> {
	case favoriting
	case favorited(Data)
    case failed(Error)

switch state {
	case .favoriting: showFavouriteAnimation()
	case let .favorited(series) where series.isEmpty: showEmptyState()
	case let .favorited(series): showSeries()
	case let .failed(error): showErrorState(error)


Optionals can be used in combination with enum for pattern matching, which in turn has some additional functionality. Let's check in the example below,

let price :Int? = 20

switch price {
	case let price? where price > 15: print("Price is higher than 15 bucks")
	case let .some(price): print("The price is \(price)")
	case .none: print("--Nil--")

Both price? and some(price) are non-nil values


Pattern matching using case let can also be done on Tuples. Tuples are lightweight types which will represent an object in most cases. Let's look into the example below to understand better.

let auth = (username: "Saravana", password: "StrongPassword")

switch auth {
	case ("admin", "admin"): showAdminView()
	case let (_, password) where password.count < 6: showShortPasswordMessage()
	case let (username, password): showProfile(username, password)

Flow statements

if else statements and for-in loops allow pattern matching using case let

// Using if-else statement
if case let .favorited(series)=state, series.isEmpty {

//Using guard else statement
guard case let .favorited(series)=state, series.isEmpty else {

//Using for loops. Filter can also be applied
let viewStates :[State<[Series]>] = [.favorited([]), .favoriting]
for case let .favorited(series) in viewStates where series.count > 5 {
	//Highlight the favourite shows

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