At somepoint in time all of our apps will have crashes. It would be better to prioritize and fix those crashes, if we can identify how often the crash occurs, its the root cause and track its impact on users.

Firebase Crashlytics

Firebase Crashlytics is a real-time crash reporter that helps to track issues and enhances the app quality. We must follow the below steps to integrate Firebase Crashlytics framework in our iOS application, 1. Connect iOS app 2. Add Crashlytics SDK 3. Configure crashlytics in Xcode 4. Build/run iOS app

Connect iOS app

Select Crashlytics from left nav-panel of Firebase console. If Firebase is not added to iOS app, then register the app by entering iOS bundle ID. And download GoogleService-Info.plist config file and add it to iOS project. Choose appropriate app from the dropdown in top bar of the console. Tap Set up Crashlytics and select No, this app does not have any version of the Crashlytics SDK installed

Add Crashlytics SDK

Crashlytics SDK must be added to iOS project workspace. It can be installed easily using Cocoapods. If the project doesn't support Cocoapods, SDK can be added manually also.

To add SDK via Cocoapods
  • Open terminal and navigate to project directory
  • Open podfile and add these dependencies
pod 'Fabric', '~> 1.10.1'
pod 'Crashlytics', '~> 3.13.1'
  • Enter pod install to install the dependencies
To add SDK manually
  • Download the Crashlytics SDK
  • Unzip the SDK file and add Fabric.framework and Crashlytics.framework to project navigator
  • Select Copy items if necessary and click Finish

Configure crashlytics in Xcode

Select the Build Settings from project file in Xcode and choose DWARF with dSYM File to the Debug Information format. This will allow the app to create dSYM files which will have clear stack traces with line numbers and methods. Navigate to Build Phases and add New Run Script Phase and enter this shell script ${PODS_ROOT}/Fabric/run in the text box. This script will upload the dSYM files to Firebase, which will enable us to read detailed stack trace. Without the dSYM files we will only have raw stack traces with non-readable logs.

Build/run iOS app

Once the app is run, verification will be sent to Firebase console that crashlytics is successfully installed. And the device logs can be viewed in the console.

By default, Firebase crashlytics will add analytic events to its crash logs. It will help us to identify the workflow of the user and his usage of different screens with specific events.


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