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specialized in solving computer vision, machine learning and data analytical problems. I would also develop end-to-end iOS, Android and AR applications
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MLCV and data analytics

Develop computer vision applications using ML/deep learning methods. Preprocess data, analyse, extract useful information using algorithms, visualize and evaluate results. Tools & Tech: Opencv, Python, Keras, Tensorflow, Spark, Scikit, pandas, plotly

mobile app development

Built functional product from scratch, from ideation-design-development-testing-lauch in app store marketplace. Tools & Tech: Swift, SwiftUI, Java, Flutter, React-Native, Sketch, Figma, Invison

VR/AR app development

Involved in designing 3D components, flow visualizations. Developed and distributed the application to multiple platforms-Microsoft Hololens, Oculus. Tools & Tech: Unity, ARKit, MRTKkit, Blender


Werkstudent - Mixed Reality developer


July 2020 - April 2021

Involved in development of Augmented Reality applications for Microsoft Hololens using Unity

Responsible for user experience design. Created 3D components and visualizations using Blender

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ShiftPixy(iOS app) is a platform, that serves as a all-in-one workforce management for employers (business owners) who rely on contingent employees. Part-time workers(shifters) receive valuable benefits(health insurance, workers’ compensation). Shifters can easily identify and apply to works in their active city. Zero paperwork. All formal procedures are authenticated within the app



Slashdr is an iPad app, an Electronic Health Record (EHR) product conceptualised by and for doctors. 80% of healthcare is delivered in primary and secondary health care levels. Slashdr addresses the problem faced by these levels by understanding and configuring to their clinical problems. Assists physician by adapting to their individual process using a fluid workflow


StormIt - Tweetstorm on Twitter

StormIt is an app that allows one to curate their thoughts and share them as a Tweetstorm(threads) on twitter. One can compose, manage, save as draft, preview tweetstorm before publishing. PRO features include Control Tweet Breaks, respond to tweet, Switch twitter account, customise storm style


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